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Hello, I am Praveen Thiyagarayam Security Researcher from INDIA.

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About Me

Tamil Nadu White Hat Hacker

With Experience in Cyber Security,I have helped many startups by Pentesting their Web Application.


C|EH - Certified Ethical Hacker

CWAPT - Certified Web Application Penetration tester

(ECSA) - EC-Council Certified Security Analyst

My Skills

Web Design - Python3 - Web Security - Cricketer

Frontend Design 90%
Python3 70%
Web Security 90%

My Experiences

My tasks

Web Designer 2017 - 2018

Developed and Maintained Our College Website(https://www.aucet.in)


Done many mini projects in the area of information security

Currently Working On

Bug Bounty hunting

Developing Tools for Sec Community

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Thanked By fig

Thanked and Received Swag From Udacity

Thanked and Received Bounty From OPPO

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